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Singles’ Day Discounts

For the singles out there, February 14th can be one of the most dreaded days of the year. One where you’d rather hang out under a rock or time travel directly to the 15th of February than have to deal with the fact that Cupid’s arrow has impaled everyone but you. Roses, chocolates, lingerie, diamonds, everything reminding you that February 14th is not a celebration of you. To cope, you put your phone on silent, park yourself on the sofa with a tub of ice cream and Netflix and chill with your cat. Well, at least your cat loves you, right? To get your mind off the fact that you’re single on V-day, you find the furthest thing from a romcom and settle on a horror film or on a documentary about the extinction of important wildlife, and wait for tomorrow to be a new day.

Well, for any single person that feels this way, get out of that funk! Because there is a day devoted to singles: Singles’ Day. Ha! Take that Valentine’s Day! Singles’ day is the highest grossing online shopping day in the world - bringing in more revenue than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. And BravoDeal has the Singles’ Day deals you not only need, but deserve!


What is Singles’ Day, you wonder?

Well, in 1993 four single students from the University of Nanjing, China decided their relationship status was worth celebrating so they started Singles’ Day. It is celebrated on November 11. The digits 1111 symbolising four solitary individuals. Initially, the day was recognized with parties and festivities that honored singledom. But by 2009 the day evolved into an online shopping event when online shopping giant, Alibaba offered deeply discounted items for only 24 hours on November 11.


Despite its name, Singles’ Day is for everyone!

It’s safe to say that singles know how to show love too! But here’s the kicker, Singles’ Day is not just for those without a significant other, life partner, twin flame- whatever you want to call it- it’s also for the coupled, thrupled and even those in “situationships”.


Singles’ Day Deals

Let BravoDeal help you celebrate yourself by giving you the best Singles’ Day deals, coupons and discounts. For the fashionista in you, grab a Roswe coupon code to add the perfect dress to your closet for the upcoming holiday parties. Top off your look with accessories by taking advantage of a SHEIN coupon code. And no outfit is complete without the right shoes which you can buy at up to 50% off thanks to this Milanoo discount!

Stock up your closet with daily fashion for less with these Modlily discounts. Everything from holiday to plus-size looks, this is the place to get the new looks to feel fab. Check out these Romwe deals and get some sultry lingerie to feel good all on your own. And for those looking for men’s clothes, take advantage of these LightInTheBox discounts to find exactly what you need to express yourself.

For the gamer in you, pick up the latest and hottest games for less with these Kinguin discounts. Hours of fun for less! And why not satisfy your inner geek by getting the neatest gadgets at low prices with these GeekBuying coupons: like a mini laptop, a drone, or a pair of spunky beat water-resistant earphones!

Looking for something outside of fashion and gadgets? Why not check out the AliExpress promo code to get great prices on pretty much anything your heart desires! From home and garden to arts and crafts and everything in between, AliExpress is where to get it!

Singles’ Day is the time to treat yo self! Single or not, let BravoDeal show you the love with the deepest deals, coupons and discounts for this Singles’ Day event. Stay on top of the deals by signing up for the BravoDeal newsletter!

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