Green Friday 2021 - Every dollar saved is a... tree planted!

BravoDeal will plant one tree for each purchase you make between Black Friday and Christmas 2021!

Green Friday Deals

What is Green Friday 2021 and how it works

If you are wondering what kind of event Green Friday is and why you have never heard of it, don’t worry! It is an initiative that we decided to start to raise awareness among our customers about eco-sustainable shopping. It began as a collaboration with the non-profit organization Eden Reforestation Projects. Their goal is to plant trees and reduce deforestation in numerous regions of the country, as well as to improve the economic conditions of the most disadvantaged communities by trying to revive the areas in extreme poverty. In the final part of this page, we will explain in more detail how and where Eden operates and what its main purposes are!


After a long search for the most suitable partner to achieve our goals, the experience, commitment, and reliability of Eden convinced us to enter into this important collaboration, that we hope will, in its small way, make the world a better place. How does the Green Friday project work? In the period from Black Friday 2021 to Christmas, we will plant a tree for each sale made on our sites: BravoDeal, BravoVoucher, BravoSconto, BravoPromo, BravoGutschein, BravoDescuento, and BravoKupony! Our goal is to plant at least 200,000 units in Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia, Mozambique, and Kenya, and to do so we will need your help.


The idea of ​​creating this initiative came about after the fires that ravaged the Amazon Rainforest, Siberia, Alaska, and other regions around the world. For this reason, we have decided to make our contribution to help stop a problem that is becoming worse and worse as time goes by. That's why Green Friday 2021 exists and why we're asking for your support for the project. However, this is not the only way you can lend a hand to heal the conditions of our world: making wise choices in everyday life and making eco-sustainable purchases are small but important steps towards a better planet.



Goals and commitments of Eden Reforestation Projects

The non-profit organization Eden Reforestation Projects was founded because of the horrible environmental situation in which numerous regions of the planet are facing. In Madagascar, for example, only 10% of the original forest remains; 40% of the mangrove forests in Indonesia have disappeared in the last 30 years and 75% of Mozambique is desert. In addition to this, there are the terrible economic conditions that afflict the indigenous populations, unable to recover from a social and economic stagnation that risks destroying the poorest villages.


Therefore, Eden Reforestation Projects decided to help the environment and also the local population, with a holistic approach to reforestation and economic recovery. As a first step, the organization employs locals to plant and care for trees, providing a fair salary, and helping families get back on their feet. When the environmental conditions improve, the quality of the water also improves, which leads to a natural increase in the productivity of the fields and the quality of the plantations, giving greater economic stability and improving social conditions. A large chain that starts from a small tree and ends with a real, important socio-economic change for the populations of the planet.

You too can be a link in this chain and make your contribution to the fight against poverty and deforestation. In connection with the Black Friday 2021 offers and the 2021 Christmas promotions, we will plant a tree for every purchase you make on our websites. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to make the world a greener place!

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