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Halloween Discounts 2021

Halloween is a great celebration because nowadays it’s simply meant to be a fun and festive day. October 31st marks the end of summer and the start of cooler, darker days celebrated with costumes, candy and outrageous decorations. Anything goes on Halloween. It’s the one day a year where you can dress up as a serial killer, stuff your face with high-glucose treats (of course, calories don’t count on Halloween), and put a tombstone on your front lawn, all in good fun!

BravoDeal can help meet your every need with the best deals, coupon codes and discounts for Halloween 2021. We have offers on everything from lawn decorations, funny Halloween costumes and cute newborn costumes to Halloween candy favorites. See below links to get straight to the deals!

The Origins of Halloween

The history of Halloween is a pretty interesting one. The day is rooted in ancient occult traditions dating back to the Celts in 22 AD. October 31st marked the end of the harvest and the beginning of the new year.

It was celebrated by creating large bonfires believed to ward off the ghosts of the dead that walked the earth and foretell the success of next season’s crops and harvests. The pagan ritual was then adopted by the church and renamed All Saints Day, a holiday to honor the souls of martyrs and the deceased faithful. Both versions of the holiday were focused on life after death.

Halloween made it across the Atlantic with the immigration of the Irish during the great potato famine of 1840s. At that point, the day was marked with fun activities like bobbing for apples and wearing masks while playing harmless tricks on neighbors.

Then, things got out of hand when innocent pranks escalated into outright vandalism of personal property. The property owners bribed the tricksters with treats so they wouldn’t trash their property. And from this was born the holiday greeting “trick-or-treat”.

Today, Halloween is aimed at children and the child in all of us. A day to get a little scared, a little hyped-up on sugar, and a day to dress up as whoever you’d like to be for a day: a superhero, movie star, a staple of pop culture or an outright devil.

Everything Halloween: Costumes, Candy and Decor

So what do you have cooking in that cauldron for Halloween 2021? Whether you’re super spirited or just a little, BravoDeal has got a deal for you! Are you aiming to win the best-haunted-house-on the-block-award?

Giving out candy just so that you can greet super cute kids in costume? Just looking for an excuse to dress up as a sexy nurse and hit up a party? Whatever your reason, we have what you need! Take advantage of our Halloween decorations, costume deals and candy.

Best haunted house on the block:

Check out The Home Depot deals on Halloween and harvest decor for your home. Give the trickster a run for their treat by haunting your house with wicked witches, monsters, pirates and skeletons. Or why not create an entire graveyard with cemetery tombs and enhanced with projections and spotlights! And treat them (and your wallet) with great deals on Halloween favorites like milk chocolate, jolly ranchers, tootsie rolls and candy bars by Wrigley, Reese’s and Hershey’s at Walmart everyday low prices.

Halloween costumes:

Shop Kohl’s deals on Halloween kid costumes for a wide variety of options! Kohl’s has Disney character Jasmine from Aladdin costumes, Spiderman and superhero costumes and fun classic Halloween costumes like airline pilots, nurses or magicians. Macy’s offers adorable newborn Halloween costumes with cute decals that read “Mommy’s little Monster”, and bright orange pumpkin onesies. Take advantage of our Halloween coupons and discounts.

Need a costume for everyone in the family? Check out Sears low prices on a great selection of costumes for adults including couples’ Halloween costumes, plus-size costumes and even pet costumes! JCPenney has what you need to look exactly like a vampire with costumes for kids and adults alike!

If you’re looking for a sexy Halloween outfit, you can dress up in a jaw-dropping devil costume or in a bodacious bunny and save with this PrettyLittleThing coupon code.

However, if you’re looking for something a little more on the conservative but equally festive side, why not pick up a Halloween top with a Modlily discount of 50% off? With a wide selection of women’s style cuts, colours, details and sizes, you’ll surely find the perfect Halloween top!

And don’t forget to polish your look with Halloween makeup ideas - from bloody makeup, spider earrings, and temporary scar tattoos, finish your look with well-priced finds thanks to the AliExpress deals.

Celebrate Halloween in the comfort of your home:

Get Halloween cozy with Kohl’s discounts on adorable Halloween throw pillows while sipping on a pumpkin spice latte from an perfect Collection glass skull mugs. Or host a dinner party and serve your guests their meal from a pumpkin cocotte while wearing a skeleton print chef apron and treat them with an elegant Halloween loot bag on sale at Macy’s.

Take Halloween to the next level: Book a Halloween vacation thanks to these TourRadar discounts! Get in-depth tours of spooky US towns like Salem, Massachusetts and Sleepy Hollow, New York with the option to pay in installments.

Go overseas to Transylvania and stay overnight at the house that the legendary vampire Dracula slept in and go to masquerade balls with Vlad the impaler. Looking for someplace a little warmer? Check out the 3-day Halloween scavenger hunt in Barcelona, Spain! These are three awesome options to ensure a cultural Halloween experience!

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