Bravo for Oceans: help us make the world a cleaner place!

You too can take part in the second edition of Bravo for Oceans!

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What is Bravo for Oceans and How Does it Work?

We at BravoDeal have decided to make our small but important contribution to safeguarding our planet with the Bravo for Oceans initiative which began in 2022. Last year we chose to finance the recovery of at least 2,000 lbs of marine waste (not only plastic), which was collected by local fishermen in different areas of the planet. This year we have decided to renew this important initiative, while always aiming for the same objective.

All this was possible thanks to Ogyre, an international startup that collaborates with local fishermen and deals with the elimination of marine waste in Italy, Indonesia, and Brazil. Ogyre contributes not only to preserving the wonders of the oceans across the planet but also provides an economic income to the communities that suffer the most from the impoverishment of marine ecosystems. Having a partner of global caliber and with a long and consolidated experience behind it is ideal for achieving the objective we have set ourselves.

Bravo for Oceans: how can you participate?

Do you also want to help us make the planet a little bit cleaner? Nothing could be easier! By making a purchase through BravoDeal from November 24  to December 25 2023 you will contribute to this fundamental initiative and actively participate in the protection and preservation of our marine ecosystems. Thanks to you, for the second consecutive year we will be able to clean the oceans of 1,000 kilos of waste, equivalent to 100,000 plastic bottles.

Let’s make the world a little cleaner!

More Events that Help to Protect Our Planet! 

World Cleanup Day

The global initiative World Cleanup Day was created in 2018 by the Estonian NGO Let's Do It! World. Since then the worldwide initiative has been held every year during the third weekend of September.

It all started in 2008, in Estonia, thanks to the initiative of entrepreneur Rainer Nõlvak, who managed to bring together 4% of the population with the goal of cleaning up 10,000 tons of waste in just a few hours. In a short time, the initiative also caught on in Latvia, Lithuania, France, Italy, Portugal, and many other countries. This led to the official start of the first World Cleanup Day in 2018.

Since 2008 the purpose of the initiative has remained the same: to bring attention to the dangers of abandoned solid waste by organizing clean-ups that bring together millions of volunteers all over the world.

World Environment Day

Every year, since 1974, June 5th has been celebrated as World Environment Day. The initiative proclaimed by the United Nations aims to raise public awareness about the importance of supporting environmental causes while reaffirming the very close relationship between people and the natural environment.

This year's theme will be plastic pollution. In fact, every year over 400 million tons of plastic are produced, half of which are disposable. It has been estimated that around 19 - 23 million tons of plastic materials end up in our rivers, lakes, and seas, damaging (often irreparably) our marine ecosystems.

Now more than ever it is necessary to pay particular attention to respect for the environment as well as the preservation of our ecosystems.

World Oceans Day

Ocean waters not only cover more than 70% of the earth's surface as well as host 80% of global biodiversity, but they also produce more than 50% of the oxygen present in our atmosphere. Our oceans are a vital component in the well-being and health of our planet! Their correct functioning is a fundamental element for our survival.

To raise public awareness and stress the importance of protecting our seas, World Oceans Day was created. This event, held every year on June 8, aims to celebrate the beauty and richness of our ocean waters while highlighting the responsibility that public institutions, companies, and individuals have in its protection. 

Earth Day

Earth Day was first created in 1989 by the peace activist John McConnell who proposed an international day dedicated to honoring Earth during a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco.

Since then the 22nd of April has been celebrated internationally with the goal not only to highlight the importance of the balance of nature and environmental sustainability, but also to denounce the numerous problems that threaten our planet’s safety like pollution, depletion of non-renewable resources, and destruction of the various ecosystems.

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