Bravo for Oceans - Every purchase helps clean the ocean!

Help remove plastic waste from the ocean with every purchase made between Black Friday and Christmas 2022!

Bravo for Oceans 2022

What is the Bravo for Oceans Initiative?

It is a new initiative we are starting this year to continue our goal of raising awareness about eco-sustainable shopping. In recent years we have collaborated with the non-profit organization Eden Reforestation Projects which is in charge of planting, nursing, and preserving trees in forest areas of underdeveloped countries. This year we are collaborating with the startup, Ogyre. 

Ogyre operates in Brazil, Indonesia, as well as Italy, with two very important goals. The first focuses on combating pollution in our oceans by removing marine garbage, while the second focuses on providing a new economic income to local fishermen, who will be removing waste from the water firsthand. In this way, Ogyre strives to protect not only the ocean but also the communities that are suffering from its impoverishment

How does Bravo for Oceans work?

Thanks to our ambitious goal and commitment we have decided to collaborate with an international partner who aligns with our vision. To achieve our goals and help make a difference, we are asking for everyone’s help, even yours! In fact, we have pledged with Ogyre to finance the removal of over 2,000lbs of marine garbage in the seas of Indonesia, Brazil, and Italy. Over the next 12 months, local fishermen will help to collect and remove the marine litter.

To help you understand what we plan to do, just imagine 2,000lbs of waste as 2,000lbs of plastic - now that's the equivalent of 100,000 plastic bottles that could be polluting our oceans! This is where you come in.

How can you contribute to Bravo for Oceans?

You can help us achieve our goal simply by making a purchase from one of the brands participating in the initiative from November 25th to December 25, 2022. Not only will you be supporting fishing communities in different areas of the world, but you will also make a fundamental contribution to cleaning our oceans.

Goals and commitments of Ogyre

Ogyre is committed to replenishing the planet’s resources that have been consumed and exploited by humans. The name Ogyre originated from Ocean Gyres which refers to the circular ocean currents that are sadly known for trapping large amounts of waste. Ogyre’s goal is to make those currents vital once again. 

Ogyre would like everyone to have an opportunity to help save the ocean. They have created a transparent course that is actually sustainable starting from collecting plastic waste from the ocean thanks to a group of local fishermen to then turning it into products that others can purchase. Every item purchased or project funded is an active part in saving our ocean.

Let’s make the world a little cleaner!

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