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MyHeritage Discount Codes & Subscription Offers for October 2023

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What are MyHeritage coupons?

  • Coupons are precise words, numbers, or both that deduct a specific amount from your order.
  • They are made to enable you to save money on specific brands, or even the entire website.
  • Discounts, gifts, or free shipping could all be advantages of using these codes.

How do I get a MyHeritage Promo Code?

You can get a working discount by visiting our website, Facebook page, or subscribing to the newsletter!

  • Go to our MyHeritage page on BravoDeal and scroll through for our complete code list
  • Checking out our Facebook will get you our most up-to-date deals
  • You can also save by signing up for their newsletter!

Here’s what to do to claim these and other deals, click on the discount that fits what you need. Copy the received code to enjoy savings! BravoDeal's website has the full extent of our codes, whereas Facebook and the newsletter will get them to you the fastest. Check back on BravoDeal to stay up to date, or follow our Facebook to get them right on your feed! The newsletter similarly will bring codes and other product highlights right ot your inbox!


How do I use my MyHeritage Coupon Code?

Here's how to save at MyHeritage:

  • Go on BravoDeal and find the code that most appeals to you
  • Click on the chosen discount and copy the given code
  • Go to MyHeritage's website
  • Shop for everything you want
  • When you checkout, look out for the box that indicates the insertion of a discount
  • Paste the copied code from our page, and the promotion will apply itself automatically!

The codes from our page each have varying values, so pasting the discount will take off the amount indicated on our website. Our goal is to set you up with the best codes to help you save as much as you can! When you find the code you want and click it, you will get taken into a different browser. This separate page will give you the code in a blue box, allowing you to CTRL+C copy it to your clipboard. From there, the rest is done at MyHeritage, where after putting everything you want into your cart, you can paste the code at checkout. You do this by searching for the box in which you are prompted to put a coupon code. Then, you're done, and you can view your savings!

MyHeritage Promo codes & Savings Ideas

Have you ever wanted to know your personal family history? Maybe you're interested in discovering your own ethnic origins? With the best-selling new platform, MyHeritage, you can find out all about your family history, create your family tree, and learn all about your ancestors! Shop with a MyHeritage coupon code featured on this page, and you'll enjoy a huge discount on the MyHeritage premium service or a MyHeritage DNA kit.

Explore your unique family history today! Here are some more tips & tricks to help you save while shopping at MyHeritage:

  • Save up to $150 when you sign up for a complete plan! Use this best-selling family discovery kit to unlock your personal family tree!
  • Sign up for the newsletter so that you never miss out on a MyHeritage promo code, discount, or sales event ever again!
  • Get a 14-day free trial and then save 50% if you decide to sign up for a membership!
  • Colorize old photos, free of charge. You don't need a MyHeritage coupon to take advantage of this great offer!
  • Download the free family tree builder, a tool that allows you to create your family tree online! Discover new relatives worldwide in a few, easy steps!

There are many family trees out there, but with MyHeritage's unique family discovery platform you can find out all about your own personal story! Just choose a coupon code highlighted on this page and you'll enjoy a great discount on your next MyHeritage purchase! If you're looking for an incredible sale, MyHeritage is the perfect place for you!

Does MyHeritage offer free shipping?

If you purchase 2 or more DNA testing kits you'll receive free shipping on your entire order! You don't need a MyHeritage free shipping coupon to take advantage of this amazing offer.

How much is complete plan coupon code at MyHeritage?

The complete plan coupon code at MyHeritage changes all the time. Check back to this page regularly to find the most up-to-date MyHeritage discount code. 

Why is my MyHeritage discount code not working?

There could be several reasons your MyHeritage promo code is not working:

  • You did not paste the MyHeritage coupon correctly,
  • The coupon has expired,
  • The merchandise is no longer available. 

Can MyHeritage promotions be combined?

No, MyHeritage promotions cannot be combined. 

What types of discount codes exist and what are their characteristics? 

There are many different discount codes but they all offer you one thing: a chance to save money! Whether its free shipping or a percentage off your total order, you can save money by shopping with a MyHeritage coupon.

Discover the best MyHeritage annual sales

Does MyHeritage participate in Black Friday?

Have you ever wanted to discover your family history? During Black Friday you can find some amazing MyHeritage coupons and save on the famous, best-selling app, MyHeritage! With MyHeritage, you can discover family members, uncover your personal genealogy, browse through a billion historical records, and find new relatives! Take advantage of the 14 day trial period today! Try the viral hit, Deep Nostalgia, and animate your favorite family photos! If you take advantage of a MyHeritage discount code available only during Black Friday sales, you can download this popular family tree app, all at an amazingly discounted low price!

MyHeritage is the perfect place if you are looking to save money on DNA kits, genetic tools, and much more!

Does MyHeritage participate in Cyber Monday?

Get the best MyHeritage deals during Cyber Monday! Eith a MyHeritage coupon code you won't believe the amazing deals you can snag this Cyber Monday. 

Why choose MyHeritage Discount Codes?

MyHeritage is one of the only platforms of its kind that allows you to research your family tree, uncover your personal, unique ancestry and find living relatives and DNA matches that you never knew about! Use innovative technology like MyHeritage's Deep Nostalgia program to animate photos of your family and friends. Just take a look at some of the amazing reasons you should download the MyHeritage app and start discovering your own family story:

  • Start a free 14-day trial MyHeritage: Try the best-selling MyHeritage app completely free of charge with a 14-day trial thanks to this MyHeritage deal.
  • Search billions of records: Gain access to a huge international records database. Just search for a name in the database and quickly learn more about your ancestors!
  • Colorize photos: Colorize your black and white photos for free! Just upload your photos to the free program and be amazed as you quickly and easily colorize them.
  • MyHeritage community: Connect with over 73 million active users and join other members as they reunite with lost loved ones every single day!
  • Multiple Devices: Use the MyHeritage app anywhere you want to on your smartphone, tablet, or PC computer.
  • DNA Test MyHeritage: Order your very own DNA kit online and send back your cheek swab to enjoy MyHeritage results online in 3-4 weeks.

What are you waiting for to uncover your own family tree? Just find the MyHeritage DNA test coupon that catches your eye and enjoy all the money you save on your next MyHeritage purchase! If you are looking for an incredible deal, MyHeritage is the place for you.

Shopping on MyHeritage

MyHeritage is the perfect platform for anyone that wishes to know more about their family's unique history! Thanks to MyHeritage's innovative family discovery platform, you can quickly and easily learn more about your family tree, uncover your ethnic origins and discover new members of your family! Every day, people are reunited with long-lost loved ones on MyHeritage's community platform! When you sign up for a premium MyHeritage membership, don't forget to take advantage of a MyHeritage discount code featured on this page. That way, you'll enjoy a great discount on your next subscription MyHeritage plan!

What does MyHeritage offer? is a family discovery platform that allows you to unlock your family tree and find your DNA matches all over the world! MyHeritage offers innovative, industry-leading technology that allows your photos to come alive by animating them or colorizing them. Just take a look at some of these great products that MyHeritage offers and get started exploring your family history today. Maybe you'll even discover some living relatives you never knew about! If you are looking for life-changing offers, MyHeritage is the store for you. With a test, MyHeritage can give you an unlimited amount of information.

DNA Testing Kits: Order a DNA kit and you'll uncover your ethnic origins and find new relatives! Once you upload DNA data into the database, this groundbreaking app will use your unique data to find your relatives all around the globe! Don't worry, your data is always kept private and secure.

Deep Nostalgia: Animate old photos and watch history come to life! Use this groundbreaking technology to animate your family photos. It's easy to get started, just upload some of your favorite pictures of family and friends.

Family Tree Builder: It's easy to build your family tree and find relatives you never knew about! Just start adding a few names and MyHeritage's automatic matching technology will start to fill in the rest of your family tree for you!

Historical Records: Use the MyHeritage platform to search through thousands of historical records such as birth, marriage & death certificates, newspapers, immigration records, census records, and more!

What is the MyHeritage refund policy?

MyHeritage offers a fantastic return policy for anyone interested in a refund or cancelation. It's completely free to cancel your MyHeritage subscription plan at any time. If you wish to request a refund of your service, just contact the MyHeritage customer service team!

Customer Service

Need to contact customer service? Just head to the MyHeritage website and contact them through phone, email or live chat. 

MyHeritage newsletter

Want the latest coupon codes and updates? Sign up for the newsletter! It's free and you'll receive the best coupons right to your inbox. 

Methods of Payment

Different payment methods are available for purchasing a subscription on MyHeritage, including credit card, PayPal, bank or wire transfer, and more.

More about MyHeritage

MyHeritage is a leading global discovery platform that allows you to research your family history, discover your ethnic origins, and uncover ancestors you never knew about! This innovative, new startup has gone viral several times thanks to their amazing photo animating software, Deep Nostalgia. MyHeritage also sells a DNA test kit that allows you to find relatives you never knew existed thanks to DNA data and tracing technology. MyHeritage products have quickly become a global sensation and have been featured on famous platforms such as Good Morning America, The New York Times, Fox News, and TechCrunch!

MyHeritage Discount Codes Currently Available - October 04, 2023
Description Discount End Date
Enjoy up to 70% off amazing MyHeritage Plans with this offer! 70% Always active
My Heritage Coupon Code for Free Shipping on your purchase! Always active
Save up to 70% annually with amazing MyHeritage Plans - Get started! 70% Always active
The MyHeritage Complete Plan is now 70% off with this amazing promo! 70% Always active
Take 55% off MyHeritage Kits with this incredible DNA Sale! 55% Always active
Save $50 on the DNA Kit+ FREE 30-Day Trial with this MyHeritage promo $50 Always active
Enjoy the MyHeritage Premium Plan for 40% less with this deal! 40% Always active

Recently Expired Promo Codes & Deals

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