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Growers House Black Friday Deals

At GrowersHouse, you can benefit from huge discounts during this Black Friday for your indoor and hydroponic gardens. GrowersHouse is one of the popular hydroponics and indoor gardening suppliers in the United States. It is an art to maintain your garden and you must use the best gardening supplies to do it.

Get started with your shopping for the best gardening supplies by visiting, browsing through several categories, and adding items to your cart. Customers of GrowersHouse can take advantage of the GrowersHouse coupons to save money on their orders. During the holiday sales, keep your indoor gardens beautiful with GrowersHouse coupons available on the site which can be applied during check out.

Discover Growers House promo codes and discounts

GrowersHouse Saving Ideas

Gardening is not an easy task, but it is made easier by GrowersHouse as you can shop for gardening gear at discounts and affordable prices. Keep your indoor gardens beautiful with GrowersHouse coupons. While shopping at the store, you can use GreenHouse coupon codes to save up. You can also make use of the GrowersHouse offers during special sales. While special offers and discounts can help you save a lot of money, you can also take advantage of some additional deals.

  • Using a GrowersHouse coupon, you can get up to a 25% discount on your orders of $250 or above.

  • Using GrowersHouse promo codes at the store may help you save $25 when you spend $250 or more at the store.

  • With a coupon, you can get a special 10% discount.

  • With special discounts, you can also save a little money on your gardening shopping. You can enjoy a 5% discount on all products on the website.

  • Enjoy purchasing quality grow tents and greenhouse enclosures at a 10% discount.

  • There is a special deal on grow lights which you cannot miss. When you buy a Gavita Pro 1700 LED grow light gen 2, you can get a Trim Tray for free.

  • GrowersHouse not only helps you with gardening supplies but also can guide you with rebates and incentives for your indoor gardens. You can find this helpful guide on the site.

  • Last but not least, GrowersHouse excites its customers by offering free shipping on all orders. Customers can also use GrowersHouse’s free shipping codes to enjoy free shipping.

Does GrowersHouse offer free shipping?

Definitely! GrowersHouse offers free shipping on all domestic US orders except Alaska and Hawaii. In addition to a Growers House free shipping code, the company is known for its fast and discreet shipping. All customers are eligible for free shipping, no matter how small or large their order is.

Use GrowersHouse coupon code free shipping after you add your favorites to the cart, check out, and take advantage of this free delivery. Currently, GrowersHouse is not offering any free delivery options on international orders. For queries on defective orders or default payments, you can contact its customer service team right away.

How to request a return at GrowersHouse?

GrowersHouse produces quality products for indoor gardening houses that are convenient and well-designed. If customers face any issues with a particular product or if they received any damaged items, they can return the item and apply for a replacement or a refund within 30 days.

For each issue, return policies may differ, so it is worth checking the website before you apply for a return. Unopened items can be returned within 30 days to receive a full refund. You may be charged a 20% restocking fee if you do not return the product within 30 days, but return it within 90 days. Refunds for international deliveries are subject to different conditions.

Why choose Growers House?

Does GrowersHouse offer student discounts?

Sadly, No. GrowersHouse sells gardening supplies to a wide variety of customers. But there are no special discounts for any particular community. Students, Teachers, and Military members who are interested in Indoor Gardening can shop at Growershouse and enjoy several discounts at the store. They can also make use of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at GrowersHouse to save money.

Newsletter signup discount

To stay updated with the new arrivals, special offers, and exclusive deals, customers can sign up for GrowersHouse’s newsletters. There is no special discount for signing up and creating an account. However, there will be additional benefits in your inboxes which you cannot miss. If you liked the shopping experience at GrowersHouse, you should definitely sign-up.

New user discount

New users are usually rewarded with a huge collection of gardening accessories and grow equipment at great prices and exciting discounts. If you are a new member, you can visit the official website and check out the collection. You need not worry about the prices as you can apply discount codes and promos during checkout. While there is no special discount for new members, special deals and discounts may compensate for it.

Rewards/loyalty program

GrowersHouse does not offer any loyalty or rewards program to its customers. However, there are additional resources that customers can take advantage of while they are shopping, such as blogs, rebates, etc.

Shopping on Growers House

On this Black Friday, keep your indoor gardens beautiful with GrowersHouse coupons. GrowersHouse offers a huge collection of hydroponics and indoor gardening supplies including Lights, Tents+Greenhouse, Nutrients, Air+Water+Co2, Soil+Media, Pots+Trays, Propagation, Common Culture Trellis, Controllers+Meters, Systems, Harvesting+Processing, Tools+Gears, Energy products, etc.

Under these categories, you can shop for Bulbs, Florescent lights, Plasma Lights, Root Stimulators, Foliar Sprays, Humic + Fulvic Acids, Veg Bloom & other Bloom Boosters, Fans + Ducting, Air Conditioning, Air, Water Pumps, Water Chillers + Heaters, Buckets, Fabric pots, Organic pesticides, plant seeds, trimmers, Vaporizers, etc. You can also shop from favorite brands like GrowersHouse, Grow Lab, Higrocorp, Pro-Cure, Prism Lighting Science, etc.

Besides these products, there are two important sections on the site. Those are Hobbyist grower and Pro Desk. Under Hobbyist Grower, you can find resources related to tent building, growers network, Free online growing courses, How-to videos, Unboxing reviews, etc. You can find resources relating to harvesting courses and rebates under the Pro Desk section.

Enjoy the discounts during the holiday sales. Subscribe to the newsletters and check out the blogs to stay updated in the gardening community.

What does Growers House offer?

At Growers House, you can shop under these categories, you can shop for Bulbs, Florescent lights, Plasma Lights, Root Stimulators, Foliar Sprays, Humic + Fulvic Acids, Veg Bloom & other Bloom Boosters, Fans + Ducting, Air Conditioning, Air, Water Pumps, Water Chillers + Heaters, Buckets, Fabric pots, Organic pesticides, plant seeds, trimmers, Vaporizers, etc. You can also shop from favorite brands like GrowersHouse, Grow Lab, Higrocorp, Pro-Cure, Prism Lighting Science, etc.

About Growers House

GrowersHouse was founded in 2011 to sell organic hydroponics, indoor gardening supplies, and farm equipment to gardeners in America. The company was founded by Nate as a family business out of a passion for gardening. It was started as small local gardening classes and now it is one of the Top Ten largest specialty garden, plants and agriculture retailers in North America. Now, the company has a large team of professionals and opened a new store in Phoenix.

Frequently asked questions about how to find coupons for Growers House

  • 25% off sitewide coupon code!
  • Get a $25 off Growers House coupon
  • Save 10% with Growers House coupon
  • Grab a 5% discount
  • Take 10% off grow tents

Growers House coupon codes are promotional codes that give you, the customer, access to exclusive deals on your orders.

  • These coupon codes are easily recognizable as they are simply a sequence of characters, either letters, numbers, or both, that act as a passcode to unlock the exclusive discounts and promotions.
  • Having a valid code gets you unbeatable savings on online purchases.
  • These coupon codes are usually sent in their newsletter, so make sure you sign up for them.
  • If you don’t have a Growers House coupon code for free shipping yet, take a look at the list we have made available for you on this page and click on the one that looks right for you.

Getting a Growers House promo code has never been easier.

On this page, you will find an extensive list of online promotions we have made available for you free of charge.

To get your discount just:

  • Scroll down and take a look at the offers we have highlighted for you.
  • Find the Growers House discount code that catches your eye.
  • Click on it to redeem it.

If you're the kind of person who loves discounts, then you have to sign up for the GrowersHouse newsletter to stay up to date with all the latest promotions.

This way you will:

  • Receive regular updates with the latest news and product information.
  • Learn as soon as a promo code is made available.

Keep your indoor gardens beautiful with GrowersHouse coupons by following the below steps.

  • Go to the BravoDeal Growers House discount list and choose from a wide range of deals.
  • Copy the code and click on continue to Growers House.
  • Choose the category and then the sub-category.
  • Pick the product you want to purchase.
  • Choose the watts as per your choice.
  • Click on add to cart.

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