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Enjoy a 23andMe discount on every DNA analysis you make with the coupons available here!

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Does 23andMe Do Black Friday? 

Yes! 23andMe is running promotions on all of its services this Black Friday! In addition, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy many more discounts on Mothers Day. Use a 23andMe coupon and maximize your chances to save money on every genetic testing you want to buy at 23andme.com. Take care of your and your family's health by getting to know your DNA better with 23andMe coupons

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23andMe Savings Ideas 

To enjoy a 23andMe discount on a DNA test you want to do, you can combine the use of your 23andMe coupon with these recommendations that we bring for you today. Follow these tips and save money when using the 23andMe service. 

  • Subscribe to their newsletter so you will always be the first to know about new 23andMe services and have access to exclusive promotions on their DNA test kits. 
  • The military community has free shipping and 10% off on each additional kit. All you have to do is log in to ID.me. 
  • If you are a student you will have access to the Educational Discount which will give you up to 20% off on every Ancestry + traits Service and Health + Ancestry Service. 
  • Keep an eye on their website, where they periodically offer discounts on various kits. 
  • Refer a friend and earn $20 for every purchase they make.  
  • Bookmark our page and have always the best deals available at Bravo, plus access to a 23andMe coupon that you can use in every purchase you make. 


Does 23andMe Offer Free Shipping? 

23andMe does not offer free shipping, the site has three shipping methods, and the amount due will be reflected at checkout. However, you can check this page when you go shopping to enjoy a free shipping 23andMe coupon


How to request a return 

To request a return, you must contact 23andMe customer service within 30 days of purchase. The product must be unused, and the refund will be made once 23andMe receives the product.  

Why choose 23andMe ?

23andme DNA studies allow you to get an idea of how your genetic works through special processes that will let you know more about your health and predispositions to diseases. 

Within their services, you will have access to three main offers. When you purchase any of them, you can use a 23andMe coupon available here and save money on every acquisition. 

The best 23andMe services are available for you, don't miss the chance to learn more about your health and try these tests now.

Shopping on 23andMe

Grab your 23andMe coupon and enjoy the 23andMe promo prices available on their webpage. 

The Ancestry Traits + Service will help you understand more about your roots by giving you a report of your family tree, ancestors, and people who share your DNA in the present. It is a simple and quick report that you can access for a budget-friendly price. 

The Health Ancestry + Service test is a bit more complete as it gives you access to Health Predisposition reports, as does a more in-depth analysis of the genome. This Health Ancestry kit gives you more and better information about your genetics. 

Finally, to have more concrete data on your genetic health you can join the 23andMe + Membership, which will provide you with a DNA kit with the two previous services and will also allow you to discover more than 10 new reports per year and other recommendations.  

All this service works through a saliva sample. The kid has a system where you deposit your saliva to send it to the 23andMe labs. Within the website, you will always have updates on the status of your order. 

Of course, all of these services are available to you for a much lower price when you use a 23andMe coupon that you will find on this page. 

What does 23andMe offer?

23andMe offers you the opportunity to take care of your wellness by studying your genetics. The information that 23andMe provides will allow you to have a broad idea of your ancestors and, therefore, better understand your present. 

23andMe also has a gift service for your friend, so you can buy some of these kits for your closest friends. 

Don't forget that when it comes to saving, 23andMe has the best offers which you can enjoy by using your 23andMe coupon

Enjoy the best discounts and take care of your health by using the coupons available here at Bravo. 

About 23andMe

23andMe is a biotechnology company that offers its customers genetic testing through a kit received directly to their home, in which they place their saliva and then send the sample back to 23andMe. This company was founded in 2006 in California, United States.  

Its founders are Linda Avey, Paul Cusenza, and Anne Wojcicki. Their services are not only available in the USA, but also Canada and the UK. 23anMe was a pioneer in this business, being the first company to offer this type of service to the public. 

With over 15 years on the market, their business has only expanded more and more, and they plan to continue to do so for a long time to come.

Frequently asked questions about how to find coupons for 23andMe

  • 23andMe for 20% off every additional kit you buy after the first one
  • 23andMe gets you $20 off for every friend you refer!
  • Discount 23andMe for 15% off when you subscribe for yearly kits
  • 23andMe memberships for a yearly kit are only $29 a year!
  • 23andMe Ancestry and Traits Service is only $99 for the basic package

23andMe coupons are a great way to save money on your purchases!

  • They are unique codes for different discounts that are used doing checkout for online shopping.
  • Hurry up and get the best coupons before they expire

If you want to get the best 23andMe promo codes, the top 23andMe coupons, and amazing 23andMe discount codes just follow this page, where you will always find the most convenient promotional discounts and offers.

Remember to add this page to your favorites so you always have it at hand!

Alternatively, you can:

  • Register for our newsletter, in order to regularly receive updates on 23andMe promo codes and discount codes.
  • Subscribe to notifications, and you will always be informed about our exclusive 23andMe coupons.
  • Follow our Facebook page, where you will regularly find information on 23andMe discount code and best offers.

To use your 23andMe coupon code, you must follow these steps that we show you here:  

  • Enter the 23andMe webpage by clicking on one of the deals we offer here. Right now, the codes are not necessary on the 23andMe site. Our deals will take you directly to the discounted items, so the discount will already be applied once you check out.
  • Click on "Continue to 23andMe" and you will be redirected to the 23andMe site, where you can start shopping.  
  • Pick one of the three services you desire to buy and go to the shopping cart at the top right-hand side of the webpage.
  • Once in the shopping cart, press on “Checkout”. In this section, you have to fill in the Shipping Information, Shipping Method, and Billing. After filling those requirements, you will have your order ready.
  • For the military discount, once you register in the ID.me with your Troop ID, you will have access to the discounts on the webpage.
The best 23andMe discounts, deals and coupons available
Description Discount End Date
23andMe for 20% off every additional kit you buy after the first one 20% Always active
23andMe gets you $20 off for every friend you refer! $20 Always active
Discount 23andMe for 15% off when you subscribe for yearly kits 15% Always active
23andMe memberships for a yearly kit are only $29 a year! Always active
23andMe Ancestry and Traits Service is only $99 for the basic package Always active
23andMe Ancestry Service and health package is $199! Always active
23andMe Free Shipping is available when you subscribe to the newsletter Always active

Recently Expired Promo Codes & Deals

20% discount

Discount 23andMe will get you 20% off each additional kit you buy after the first

$20 discount

Discount 23andMe gets you $20 off for every friend you refer!


23andMe offer: VIP Health + Ancestry Service $499!

  • Get the VIP Health + Ancestry Service for $499 with priority processing, premium support, and 1-on-1 consultation.

23andMe Blog

  • Check out the 23andMe Blog for articles on how your DNA and ancestry affect you, it's impact on your health, and more!

Health + Ancestry Service just $199!

  • 23andMe offer a low price of just $199 to see how your DNA influences your health, lifestyle, and future genetic line.
20% discount

Buy one kit, get 20% off next kits

  • Grab this 23andme discount & get 20% off. One full-priced kit must be purchased for subsequent kits of the same service type to receive the discount. Discount applied on each additional kit of the same service type that is purchased in the same order and shipped to a single address. Limit 10 kits of the same service type may receive the discount. Discount not applicable to VIP Health + Ancestry Service.
10% discount

23andMe discount: 10% off Additional Services!

  • Get 10% off each additional Health + Ancestry Service!

23andMe Merchandise from $8.86

  • Pick up products from $8.86 in the store. Shop hoodies, mugs, books, and more! 23andMe discount code not required.