Seeing The World Through Oculus Eyes

I wake up to the sun hitting my face, but there’s a cold breeze against my cheeks. The sky is full of fluffy white clouds I can almost touch them. There is a light fog that keeps hidden the mountain peaks. I have never witnessed something so beautiful before like Machu Picchu. Being able to see the Sun Gate at sunrise these past few days has been something I will remember for years to come.

I pack up my tent and put my belongings in my backpack. I head back down the Inca Trail. I have set out to embark on this trail a few days ago, and I only have 2 days left to see the most spectacular sights and really live like the Inca.

Along my way, it is full of wildlife. I have made friends with the alpacas and llamas, with their softest wool, and have steered clear of the spectacled bears. There are so many creatures here that I never knew existed.

As I make my way back down the trail I stumble upon this little hut. I can only imagine that this must be the Watchman’s Hut. Its roof is made of straw and only has three sides to it. Whoever lived here enjoyed the most remarkable view overlooking Machu Picchu, especially the Temple of the Sun. This magical temple is an example of the city’s finest stonework.

My itinerary for today is to visit the Royal Tomb which is the Palace of the Princess. This mystery of a structure was rediscovered by Hiram Bingham in the early 1900s. Before I head over to the Royal Tomb I have a few ideas for lunch.

The food here in Peru has really taken me on another journey. The simplest dishes are made with the freshest ingredients and keeps me always looking forward to the next meal. The Peruvian chicha drink is something out of this world in flavor and with its deep purple color. Who knew you could make a drink from corn?

I have never seen such an array of colors that I have during my stay in Peru. From the green green grass to the blue skies every day, to the festive traditional wear you see in the markets. The mountains are full of shades of red, purple, orange, and blue.

As I set up my tent for the night, have my small fire going, and am looking up at the stars, it’s as if I am hearing this voice inside my head. I check the radio that was given to me to use during the tour for emergencies, but I can’t find the frequency. “Honey!” I hear. What? Who is this voice that sounds so familiar? “Honey! Dinner’s ready!” I take off my Oculus virtual reality headset, put down my touch controllers, and respond, “Mom, is that you?”

I must have gotten lost in my own reality, that I lost track of time! I plop myself back down in my wheelchair and wheel myself out of my room and to the dinner table. Mom’s cooking isn’t as good as what I’ve seen in Peru, but I sure won’t tell her that!

The next stop with Oculus is to Antarctica! 

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