Never feel homesick with Portal by Facebook!

When I decided to move to a different country I was more excited than anything. I was longing for a new adventure, new culture, and most importantly all of the delicious food! I was so distracted by new possibilities that, for better or worse, wasn’t thinking about how much I would become homesick and miss my family.

Time passed by and of course, I started adapting more to my new culture and country. I found a great job with amazing colleagues, met a guy, and shortly after a newborn baby was added to the picture. With a baby in the mix, all of the homesick emotions started coming back to me. The thought of my daughter growing up and not knowing my side of the family just broke me into pieces.

It wasn’t until one of my colleagues, also an ex-pat, suggested to me Portal by Facebook. I immediately knew that this product was going to be the answer to all of my problems. Of course, I have tried video and chat applications on my phone before with my family, but nothing makes me feel truly with them like Portal.

Portal by Facebook is an amazing product that has kept me close to my family during difficult times. I can easily call my parents on Messenger or WhatsApp even if they don’t have Portal. The best part? It is absolutely perfect for those times when I have my hands full making dinner but want to make a quick call to my mom before she heads out to work in the morning. With the 6-hour time difference, I need to take every opportunity I can get.

Well, my little baby is now a toddler and running around the house and won’t stay still even for one second. It’s tough enough keeping her under control, let alone running after her with the phone in my hand just so she can say hi to Grandma. With Portal, I don’t need to have the device in my hand! I have it on my shelf with my photos displayed like a picture frame, and can simply ask Alexa by Amazon to call my mom, and the camera follows my every move, or more so every move my toddler makes.

My parents like things on the big screen so they can see with the best view, which is why they opted for Portal TV. They sit and enjoy the show my toddler puts on from their couch in the living room. They can hear me loud and clear too, even with all of the traffic noise coming through the windows, because Portal devices are designed to help block out background noise.

One of the best features we all enjoy is Story Time on Portal. My parents can feel like they are tucking my little one in bed every night with a special bedtime story full of animations and music. We all love it! I can also keep them updated every day by sending pictures and videos during messy meals, the first day of school, and so many other memories. Portal has truly made a difference in my life and has kept my long-distance family just at the touch of a button.

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