Take control of your financial future with BBVA free checking & online banking!

In today's tumultuous times it's more important than ever to take control of your financial future. Having the right bank account allows you to easily manage your money and prepare for all of life's speedbumps! When it comes to choosing a new bank account, there are so many options available on the market it can be overwhelming to wade through the confusion and find the option that's best for you. That's why I've chosen to highlight a feature-filled, free, checking account from financial services company BBVA! Trust me, this checking account really is free of the expensive monthly Service Charge or nasty yearly fees, and it is jam-packed with free features!

If you're still hiding cash under your mattress or couch cushions, it's time to consider opening a checking account! Having a checking account allows you to easily build or improve your credit score, keep your money safe and secure, and receive direct deposits from your employer, pension, or other benefits! Choosing the correct banking account will either help you reach all your financial goals or slow down your financial progress! Don't get overwhelmed with all the available options out there, I've found a convenient, online banking solution with lots of free features that is perfect for anyone looking to take charge of their financial future!

After having scoured the net, BBVA's Free Checking Account stands out amongst other online banking & checking accounts for these great reasons:

  • it's free of a monthly Service Charge or annual fee 
  • it has a user-friendly interface & mobile option
  • it includes some amazing free perks!
  • all you need is a $25 minimum opening deposit

Did I mention again that it's FREE? Imagine that comparable bank accounts from other financial service providers could cost you as much as $150 a year in monthly service charges! There's nothing worse than seeing your hard-earned money go up in smoke as bank fees! Choosing a bank account like BBVA's Free Checking means $0 monthly Service Charge and $0 yearly fees, allowing you to spend your money on what really matters!

In today's digital world, it's important to have a checking account that you can easily access both from your desktop and any other of your mobile devices. BBVA's Free Checking Account gives you both free online banking and mobile banking. Each BBVA checking account includes access to an awesome feature called Mobile Deposit®. With this handy app, you can deposit checks directly into your bank account from your smartphone! How convenient is that? No more driving to your local branch or running around trying to find an ATM, you can deposit all your checks directly from the comforts of your own home. Banking should always be this easy!

The best part of opening a new checking or savings account is discovering all the great perks you'll receive. Enjoy cool features like complimentary online and mobile banking, no fees at BBVA USA ATMs, one free BBVA Visa® Debit Card per account, customizable alerts, and free unlimited checking! When choosing a new account don't settle for something basic when BBVA will offer you a checking account filled with no monthly Service Charge and amazing features!

If you're still unsure about whether to open up a new account or switch banks, take the time necessary to weigh all the pros and cons of such an important decision! Keep in mind all the financial goals you want to reach in the near future. Get to know the different banks, the options they offer and decide for yourself if they will help or hinder you reach your goals!

Having the right bank account allows you to have easy access to your money when you need it most. You don't have to spend a lot of money for an online banking account - choose a free, no yearly fee account, such as BBVA's Free Checking Account, and you can enjoy all the perks of online banking! Just remember that at this time the Free Checking Account is only available in BBVA’s in-footprint states. BBVA USA, Member FDIC. 

All accounts subject to approval. Miscellaneous fees apply. See account disclosures and terms & conditions for additional details. Click to learn more about Free Checking. 

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